PeopleTactics works with small businesses and non-profits to implement Human Resources (HR) solutions to help prevent problems that can drain you and your organization of your time, money, and energy.

We understand that small organizations may not have the resources to commit to a full time HR employee or to an unreasonable (and unnecessary) number of “billable hours” from an outside consultant. Therefore, we structure our services to meet your needs – from consulting packages to specific deliverables – our mission is to help you and your organization succeed. Your success is our success!

Our Services Include

Running Your Day-to-Day HR Function
We will manage and implement your HR function for you…so you don’t have to worry about finding talent, onboarding your new employees, complying with the laws and regulations, creating risk mitigation practices, and ensuring you have an environment that attracts and keeps employees.

Candidate Search and Recruiting Services
We will work with you to set-up your recruiting processes and associated materials (e.g. job postings, applications, interview questions, reference checks, etc.) so that you can hire A+ employees. Or, if you prefer, we will handle the candidate search and recruiting process for you – from start to finish—or any aspects you’d like.

Compliance and Key HR Document Creation
Every business has to comply with Federal, State, and local laws and needs HR protections to mitigate liability and issues. You will get the HR requirements as well as the documentation you need for your business, including Employee Handbooks.

Human Resources Audit
Laws, regulations, best practices and technology change often, and regular HR audits are a proactive way to avoid HR headaches and position your organization for continued success. We offer HR audits that focus on your HR function as well as processes. We include a detailed action plan for implementing needed changes. We will then work with you to implement these changes or be on call to help you as needed.

Employee and Leadership Development
Developing your team is critical to the success of your business. We develop orientation programs, performance management processes, and succession plans as well as providing Executive Coaching and Mentoring. We will also train your team on HR best practices such as interviewing skills, giving feedback, and handling employee issues.

Compensation, Benefit, and Recognition Program
Our team will develop programs to help you attract and keep A+ talent. Our work includes conducting compensation studies so that you know how your pay ranges stand-up to the market and how to classify your jobs per the Fair Labor Standards Act. We conduct benefit studies and establish approaches that make sense for your objectives and budget and develop rewards and recognition programs.

HR Systems and Processes
HR can consume you if you don’t set-up processes that virtually run by themselves and support all of the compliance requirements. We will create these processes for any or all of your HR functions.

If you have needs that fall outside of the above services please let us know.

Our team works with your small business to create solutions that help you meet your objectives. Contact us today to schedule a free “get acquainted call” to discuss your HR needs.