04/12/14 By Jennifer Brown

When-Hiring-an-Employee,-ArThe interview process is about determining who is going to be the best employee for your position – so it needs to be approached with much thought, diligence and care. After all, who you hire, is who your business is…and it takes great employees to have a great business!

Asking the right interview questions is key to hiring the right employees and figuring out which interview questions to ask starts with the job description.

1.) Review the job description and underline or highlight the key skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience someone needs to be successful in the position.

2.) Now write or type out your interview questions. These questions should relate back to the job description and your company’s work environment, culture and values. They should help you get to know your candidates’ strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your position.

• Ask questions about the position’s requirements. For example: if the position requires:
– organizational skills: “What techniques do you use to organize your work?
– proficiency in Microsoft Word,

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then ask “How have you used Word in your positions and how would your rate (scale 1 to 10) your proficiency on it?”

• Ask questions that get to the candidate’s accomplishments and results in their prior positions. For example:
– Tell me about your greatest professional accomplishment to date.

• Ask questions that will help reveal if they are a good fit for your company and the position. For example:
– What brings you satisfaction in the work you do?
– What type of work environment do you like working in?

3.) Take your questions into the interviews and use them to guide the interview!

Effective interview questions will help you to quickly identify who is the best candidate for your position and save you a lot of time, money and energy associated with a poor hire.

YOUR TURN: What interview questions do you ask to determine if someone is the best candidate for your position? Please reply below.


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