06/14/14 By Jennifer Brown

business-Team-12When was the last time you gave any thought to your workplace posters? If you are like most business owners and managers, you probably answered, “never”. Most of us figure that once we post the posters we are done and can move on to more important things…like growing our company!

However, just merely posting the posters is not enough – especially if your posters are out of date, you have multiple offices, you have remote employees who never come to your office, and/or you have Spanish speaking employees. You need to have up-to-date posters that have been shared with all employees to prevent fines and support that you have communicated the required information should you ever be faced with an employment-related claim.

Key things to keep in mind:

• Posters should be displayed in a “conspicuous” location where they can be viewed by your team. Examples of such locations might include specific, designated bulletin boards in the break room, in a hall way, or in the restroom. The Family and Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Employee Polygraph Protection Act posters are not just for employees to view—they are also required to be placed where they can be seen by applicants for employment. If you have multiple offices, be sure you post the posters in all offices.
• Note that the Department of Labor has NOT indicated that putting your posters on your intranet meets the posting requirement. Therefore, if you have remote employees who never come to your office, send them the posters via email or snail mail.  Be sure they sign an acknowledgement form and then file this form in their respective personnel file.
• Certain states (CA, FL, GA, NM, NC, NY, and TX) require posters be displayed in both English and Spanish. It is a good general rule of thumb to post all notices in English and in Spanish if a majority of your workforce does not read English. In addition, if you have employees who speak other languages, then you should post the posters in that language.
• Regulations change and often at a rapid pace. Therefore, you need to ensure you have the latest posters. Some of the all-in-one posting services provide subscription services in which they will keep you up-to-date on changes. In addition, you can monitor changes via the Department of Labor’s Poster Advisor website and your State’s Wage and Hour website.  Check these sites at least every few months for updates.

Take a few minutes to do a poster audit. Figure out what changes you need to make and implement them immediately! You will save significant time and money by complying with the workplace poster requirements.

YOUR TURN: If you have an office, where do you display your posters?


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