09/16/17 By Jennifer Brown

Mindfulness. You may have heard this term being thrown around more and more. It is not a new concept; however, with the speed of life today, it is a practice that has come back into vogue. But what is mindfulness and how can you promote it in the workplace?

In short, it refers to our ability to be fully aware of ourselves and our surroundings in the present moment (meditation is one way to practice mindfulness). Organizations that promote mindfulness find their employees are better able to handle stressful situations, are more efficient and creative in their work, and are happier. What’s not to love?  To get started, here are a few ways to encourage your employees to practice mindfulness while at work:

Encourage employees to “unplug”
Our “always on” way of living and working can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Encourage employees to truly “unplug” when at home, on vacation, or whenever they need to recharge without distractions.

Promote mid-day mindfulness
Whether it is taking a quiet walk during your lunch break and shutting your office door to practice a 5 minute meditation, activities such as these encourage us to slow down and take a breath. The practice of meditation has been shown to improve one’s reactiveness, ability to manage stress, and patience. All good qualities at work.

Build mindfulness into your health and wellness initiatives
Health and wellness programs do a great job at promoting physical health. But what about mental and emotional health? Our mental state can significantly impact our motivation, ability to work with others, ability to complete a task, or think outside the box. Consider including mindfulness or meditation exercises at your next company wellness event.

Showing your employees you care about their mental health goes a long way in creating a healthy, happy, and productive corporate culture. A focus on mindfulness is a great place to start. What’s stopping you?

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