03/16/18 By PeopleTactics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just something in movies anymore – it is becoming more and more mainstream every day. Recently, we discussed the role of AI in eLearning. But what about other facets of the workplace? How can we leverage the benefits of AI to advance our recruiting efforts, elevate the employee experience, and even help find the leaders of tomorrow? AI might be the answer. Consider this:


The use of AI in recruitment is probably the biggest trend we have seen over the last year. With the use of chatbots to help streamline candidate sourcing, machine learning to decipher behavioral patterns in video interviews, or the ability to draft the perfect job posting based on what phrases get the most attention online; AI is transforming the way we find, interview and ultimately select talent.

Career Development

With fewer workers entering the workforce than ever before, organizations are increasingly looking inward to fill positions and leadership roles. AI technology can identify internal mobility trends within a company. Using this information, AI can then assess an employee’s skills and other characteristics – linking them to potential career paths. Managers receive an unbiased view of their workforce – potentially identifying a key talent that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Employee Experience

Most likely, your organization is sitting on a wealth of data – and you don’t even know it (or know how to use it!). Enter AI to rescue! AI can quickly analyze countless data points related to employee feedback and other survey results based on sentiment, engagement, morale – this list goes on and on. When you have this data, identifying trends is critical to addressing the issue. Once you know the trends, you can then successfully define your approach for improvement.

The evolution of AI technology in the workplace is exciting – improving our ability to make unbiased decisions and enhance the employee experience. However, don’t lose the human touch. Data and machines are great, but when making decisions that impact a real human being, be sure to take a holistic, thoughtful approach.

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