03/29/17 By PeopleTactics

With the growth of business, even without being an employer, having a work environment that would attract new assistants or any new employee is very important. Not only has Jennifer thoroughly explained what an employer is looking for but she has also explained what an employee is looking for and looking at in a new position. From the interviewing and reference checking process all the way to making the work space welcoming for a new hire, there are so many details that was touched by Jennifer’s presentation. As a business insurance agent, one of the major issues that my clients have is finding the right employee and training him into a better employee. Jennifer’s tips and strategies on the hiring process, benefits, engaging workforce, progressive discipline, verbal counsels, identification of the right compositions and complying with the laws were absolutely great to know, even to apply on an assistant. I definitely would love to hear more from her on how to maintain a strong bond with employees! Thank you!