02/18/14 By PeopleTactics

Heather-Cox-TestimonialI was so thankful when my business mentor introduced me to Jen Brown. I knew a little bit about hiring, but not enough to feel confident. Plus, I’m way more interested in learning about design and marketing strategy then I am in learning about human resource rules and regulations. Working with Jen benefits me because I’m not distracted from the work I want to do, and I feel confident that the written agreements that I offer to my new hires are thorough and comprehensive. And I didn’t have to write them myself. Before working with Jen, I did not have 1099 agreements, and I didn’t understand the process of onboarding a new employee or intern. I had no procedures in place, and I didn’t know which forms each type of hire needed to sign. Since hiring Jen, I’ve successfully hired my first W2 employee and brought on my first intern. I now have a complete HR manual so that when I’m ready to hire again, I know the process and I have the forms. I also have solid agreements that I can modify for each new hire. And when I need consultation, I know who I can call.