The Impact of Work-Life on Employee Well-Being

02/04/17 By Jennifer Brown

When it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, the topic of culture is becoming a “deal breaker” for many – not just a “nice to have” anymore. There are many variables that define a culture and these include the environment, policies, attitudes, behaviors, and values that you see and feel in action each day. Related… Read more »

Digital HR: Don’t Be Left Behind

01/21/17 By Jennifer Brown

Technology has threaded itself into just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives. This is nothing new. However, the way in which we view and utilize technology is always changing. This holds true for the field of HR. In 2017, businesses everywhere will be challenged not to just “buy” digital products, but rather… Read more »

Strategic HR Planning for the Year Ahead – How to Begin

01/07/17 By Jennifer Brown

Whether you’re trying to improve your physical health or the health of your company’s bottom line, a little planning goes a long way. Strategic HR planning is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs in an effort to achieve organizational goals – ultimately linked to the company’s overall strategic plan. Your strategic… Read more »

Next Generation Performance Management

12/10/16 By Jennifer Brown

For many of us, annual performance reviews may not evoke feelings of excitement. Perhaps the arbitrary questions and subjective ratings are seen as ineffective, having little impact to the business. Or maybe the fact that managers and employees do not communicate enough throughout the year makes it difficult to recall overall performance. Whatever it may… Read more »

What to Include in Your New Hire Training

11/26/16 By Jennifer Brown

New hire orientation and training is an important time in the lifecycle of an employee. A good experience can leave the employee feeling confident in her choice to join your company and excited about the future. On the other hand, a poor experience can leave the employee scratching her head thinking ‘What have I done?!’… Read more »

How to Recruit for Soft Skills

11/12/16 By Jennifer Brown

You are sitting across the table from a job applicant. His resume checks off all of the hard skills (e.g., technical knowledge, software skills, product knowledge, industry experience) for which you are looking. But does he bring the soft skills needed? A common mistake employers make is assuming that just because someone has all of… Read more »

Respect & Compassion: The Keys to a Successful Termination Meeting

10/29/16 By Jennifer Brown

As a manager, the time will come (if it hasn’t already) for you to let one of your employees go. Terminations are an inevitable part of business and leaders must make these tough decisions based on the good of the company. However, even for the most seasoned executive, telling someone they are being let go… Read more »

How to Handle a Negative Exit Interview

10/15/16 By Jennifer Brown

When an employee gives a glowing account of her experience with a company during an exit interview, the feedback is easy to take. However, when the feedback is not so warm and fuzzy, it can take the person conducting the exit interview off guard – causing him to react in ways that are detrimental to… Read more »

Avoiding Termination: How to Get a Struggling Employee Back on Track

10/01/16 By Jennifer Brown

No one likes to watch someone struggle – especially in their work, which affects their livelihood and self-confidence. So why do we often see managers doing little to help their struggling employees – waiting until it is too late to act and then feel termination is the only option. Termination is not always the answer…. Read more »

Pay Transparency: A New Shift in Today’s Workplace

09/17/16 By Jennifer Brown

Pay transparency is the concept of allowing employees to discuss their pay and benefits without fear of reprisal. In the past, many organizations prohibited employees from discussing their compensation – even to the point of threatening termination if such conversations took place. Lack of pay transparency can lead to inequities in pay and discrimination in… Read more »

Equal Pay: Getting It Right

09/03/16 By Jennifer Brown

Recently, several states around the country have amended their equal pay and pay transparency laws in an effort to ensure employees are being compensated fairly for the work they do. Most recently, Massachusetts has become the first state to prohibit employers from asking about applicant’s salaries before offering them a job. Instead, hiring managers must… Read more »

The Benefits of Paid Parental Leave

08/20/16 By Jennifer Brown

Organizations that support time-off for employees tend to see higher productivity, satisfaction, and retention. However, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) only about 12% of private sector employers offer some form of paid parental leave. Why is something that can impact a company so positively not more widespread around the country? Fortunately,… Read more »

A Successful Open Enrollment – It is Possible!

08/06/16 By Jennifer Brown

Open enrollment. These two words can strike fear into the person charged with managing it from beginning to end. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be scary! With the right preparation and communication plan, you can be off and running. Here’s how… 1. Create a Timeline Creating a manageable, realistic timeline for your open… Read more »