How to Build and Keep a Rock Star Team

07/09/16 By Jennifer Brown

The well-known saying “a team is only as strong as its weakest link” is so true. Whether you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom, having a talented, synergistic team can be the key to winning the championship game or landing that high revenue client. However, building and maintaining a rock star team is… Read more »

Summer Fun! Showing Employee Appreciation During the Summer

06/25/16 By Jennifer Brown

Employees who feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication tend to show higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale – all of which impact your company’s bottom line. There are a million ways to show your employees you appreciate them. The summer months provide a unique opportunity to get outside and share… Read more »

Electronic HR Files: Are They Right For Your Company?

06/11/16 By Jennifer Brown

Moving HR files from traditional paper filing systems to online cloud-based providers can be a great way to enhance the efficiency of your HR function. Not to mention, it makes accessing and updating employee information really convenient! If you are considering transitioning to an electronic filing system for your HR files, here are a few… Read more »

Prepare for an HR Audit with These 3 Easy Steps

05/28/16 By Jennifer Brown

Conducting a proactive internal HR audit of your HR files, documents, and processes is a smart idea to help button up your HR function. But where do you start? The word “audit” strikes fear into some; however, a proactive audit is the best way to be prepared for a formal one down the road. Below… Read more »