Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Employee Handbook?

03/15/14 By Jennifer Brown

An employee handbook is the guiding document for the employer-employee relationship. Ultimately, an employee handbook should make your job as the employer easier by: • Ensuring employees know what is expected of them when fulfilling their work responsibilities per your company’s policies and procedures. • Providing you with a standard framework within which to make… Read more »

Why You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Business

03/08/14 By Jennifer Brown

Employee handbooks are the guiding document for the employer-employee relationship. Without one, you will be left trying to remember how you last handled a situation, treating employees inconsistently, and spending your time answering employee questions. In addition, a handbook is often a critical document for providing legally required information to employees and defending employee claims… Read more »

How a Job Description Can Protect Your Business

03/01/14 By Jennifer Brown

Did you know that job descriptions are typically the first thing a court looks at as part of any claim brought against an employer? More importantly, they can help keep you from landing in court in the first place! Job descriptions lay the ground work for a position. They identify the roles and responsibilities of… Read more »

Business Owners and Managers, Do You Know You Are Being Interviewed Too?

02/15/14 By Jennifer Brown

Like you, a candidate has a choice in which company he/she chooses to work for, and the A players will likely have several employment offers from which to choose! Therefore, it’s critical to make a good impression with the candidate throughout the recruiting process. Make sure to: ■ Be friendly on the phone and in-person…. Read more »

How to Save Time When Hiring an Employee By Using Phone Screening

02/08/14 By Jennifer Brown

You have a position to fill and have gone through the stack of resumes and now have some people you want to interview. But wait, before you invite someone in for a face-to-face interview which usually takes about an hour of your time; do a phone screen first. Phone screenings are typically 20 to 30… Read more »

Are You Using Reference Checks to Hire the Best People for Your Business?

02/01/14 By Jennifer Brown

I am amazed at the number of people who think that reference checks are a waste of time. Done right, they are the single greatest source of information about the person you are thinking about hiring. Who better to tell you about the candidate, then people who have actually worked with him/her. You should do… Read more »

Are You Sure You Know Who You Are Hiring?

01/25/14 By Jennifer Brown

You spent about 45 minutes interviewing the job candidate, loved him/her and are ready to make an employment offer – right? I hope your answer was a resounding NO!! One interview is never enough to make a decision on whether to hire someone or not. Every employee you hire has the potential to make or… Read more »

The Affordable Care Act – Are You Making These Mistakes?

01/18/14 By Jennifer Brown

When it comes to The Affordable Care Act (ACA) there seems to be lots of confusion. Is it any wonder? There are different rules depending upon how many employees you have and certain requirements have gone into effect while others have been delayed. If you have even one employee, be aware that the following ACA… Read more »

Do You Share Your Business Plans with Your Employees?

01/11/14 By Jennifer Brown

As business owners we often spend a lot of time developing our business plans and then move right into action – implementing them! But, it’s critical we stop and share these plans with our teams. Otherwise, they won’t know what they need to focus on or, worse yet, they will be spending their time and… Read more »

A Different Take on Setting Leadership Goals

01/04/14 By Jennifer Brown

It’s that time of year, when we as business owners are developing our business goals for the New Year. But, how often do we develop leadership goals that focus on our own well-being as leaders? Probably, not that often! A business is typically a reflection of the leader – so if you are feeling stressed,… Read more »

How Do You Show Appreciation to an Employee Who is Leaving Your Team?

12/28/13 By Jennifer Brown

It’s hard when an employee decides to leave our team – especially when they are an A+ player (hopefully, all of your employees fall into this category). Let’s be honest, while we are happy for the employee and their new opportunity; we typically feel betrayed, sad, and overwhelmed by how their work will get done…. Read more »

Are You Outsourcing Your Time-Consuming and Compliance-Intensive HR Work?

12/21/13 By Jennifer Brown

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