What to Look For When Doing an Audit on Your Workplace Posters

06/14/14 By Jennifer Brown

When was the last time you gave any thought to your workplace posters? If you are like most business owners and managers, you probably answered, “never”. Most of us figure that once we post the posters we are done and can move on to more important things…like growing our company! However, just merely posting the… Read more »

Do You Have the Right Workplace Posters Displayed in Your Business?

06/07/14 By Jennifer Brown

Hopefully, you know that as a business owner you need to have certain workplace posters displayed in your office to meet specific Federal and State (and in some cases city and county) sanctions and regulations. But do you know why you must have these posters? It’s because you are obligated to share certain information with… Read more »

Gaining the Heart of Your Employees

05/31/14 By Jennifer Brown

Do you know the most important way to prevent Human Resources problems? It’s not by having an employee handbook, rigorous interview and hiring process, or paying employees above average salaries (although all of these things do help). It’s by caring about your employees and treating them with fairness, respect, and kindness…no matter the situation. Ultimately,… Read more »

Are You Keeping the Required Employment Records?

05/24/14 By Jennifer Brown

You probably know that you need to have a personnel file for each of your employees, but did you know that there are other records you should keep as well? In fact, some of these are mandated by the Federal Government and State laws. Other employment records to keep include: • U.S. employment eligibility form… Read more »

Employee Records: The Documents Your Business Needs to Have on File

05/17/14 By Jennifer Brown

Did you know that as employers, we must keep certain employee-related records? Not only that, but there are Federal and State regulations regarding these records. These regulations dictate the “what, where, when, and how” of employee record keeping: ▪ what information to keep ▪ where to store the information ▪ when and how to destroy… Read more »

Employee Appreciation: A Happy Employee is Good for Business

05/10/14 By Jennifer Brown

When is the last time your showed your employees you appreciate them? Hopefully, you answered with “today” or “yesterday”. However, the more likely scenario is that you had to think about the last time you showed them some appreciation. Don’t beat yourself up too badly…after all; business owners and managers tend to be focused on… Read more »

How Checking In With Your Employees Is Good for Your Business

05/03/14 By Jennifer Brown

When is the last time you “checked-in” with your employees? I’m not talking about having a staff meeting; rather I’m talking about just seeing how they are doing. If you are like most business owners, the answer may be “it’s been awhile” or even “I’m not sure”. Given everything you have to do to run… Read more »

Ways to Keep Your Employees Connected to Your Business

04/26/14 By Jennifer Brown

Remember the days of the “all-hands” meetings or even regular weekly face-to-face staff meetings? These meetings used to be the main way in which management communicated information to employee groups. However, the ability to bring employees together to meet face-to-face is getting harder and harder for many employers – given employees are often not even… Read more »

When Hiring an Employee, Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

04/12/14 By Jennifer Brown

The interview process is about determining who is going to be the best employee for your position – so it needs to be approached with much thought, diligence and care. After all, who you hire, is who your business is…and it takes great employees to have a great business! Asking the right interview questions is… Read more »

Are You Paying Your Employees Too Little…or Too Much?

04/05/14 By Jennifer Brown

Determining how much to pay for a position and ultimately an employee is critical to maintaining and growing your business. You need to ensure you are paying enough to attract and retain employees while managing to your budget. So be sure to research the pay for your positions. While you want to ensure you aren’t… Read more »

Is My Intern Helping or Hurting My Business?

03/29/14 By Jennifer Brown

If you are thinking about hiring an intern, make sure to set them (and you) up for success. Also, keep in mind that interns (like any of your employees) will be talking about their employment experience with the people they know…so you want to ensure they have a positive experience and view your company as… Read more »

Do I Need to Pay My Intern?

03/22/14 By Jennifer Brown

I am a big fan of hiring interns as it is typically a win-win. The intern gets much needed work experience and you get talent for a very reasonable pay rate. Not to mention, you build your pipeline of talent — hopefully, your intern will want to work with you once they graduate and will… Read more »