10/25/14 By Jennifer Brown

job-interviewGreat hires make their manager, team and company look great. Of course on the flip side, not-so-great hires do just the opposite. Getting it right the first time saves money, time and frustration. As a hiring manager, there are a few strategies you can implement before the interview to ensure you are making well-informed hiring decisions – something your team will love you for!  Read on to see how you can hire smart by asking the right questions.

Start with the Job Description

It all starts here. You cannot accurately recruit and interview candidates unless you know what you are hiring for. Make sure you have an updated and accurate job description that outlines the specific competencies and traits needed for success. Not only will this help attract people with the right skills, but the job description will serve as the foundation for the questions you ask during the interviews.

Ask the right questions

Behavioral-based interview questions are great for really understanding a person’s experience. They can uncover the details of what the person has accomplished, what their specific role was, and what challenges/successes they faced – just to name a few. Referring back to the job description is a great way to draft questions that will directly relate to the competencies you are looking for in a candidate. Plus, the candidate will have to expand on their answers (they can’t just answer ‘yes/no’). This will get them talking and give you greater insight into what they have done in the past. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior!

Cultural fit

Just because someone can put a check next to each requirement of the position, does not mean they will be successful. They must have the right knowledge, skill and ability to perform the job; however, cultural fit is just as important. The person does not have to be a perfect match culturally, but you do want someone who possesses the right mix of personality and behavioral traits that will mesh well with your style, your team and the company as a whole. When drafting your interview questions, make sure to include some questions that get to the heart of your company’s culture and values.

Implement these strategies as you prepare for your next recruitment effort and you will feel more in control and engaged in the process as well as make a smart hiring decision. Happy hiring!