08/02/14 By Jennifer Brown

resignationAre you getting a resignation letter from your employees when they resign? If not, you should start immediately! These letters can prove very helpful appealing unemployment and wrongful termination claims.

Therefore, be sure “getting the resignation letter” is a step on your employee exit checklist. When you get the letter, put it in the employee’s personnel file.

What happens if you don’t have the option to get a resignation letter? For example, an employee may call in their resignation and make it effective immediately. In these cases, send a follow-up letter to the employee that includes:

■ your acceptance of the verbal resignation,
■ effective date of their resignation,
■ final pay and accrued, paid time (if applicable) information, and
Note: Consult your State’s Wage and Hour website on their requirements for delivery time-frames for final pay checks.
■ a sentence wishing him/her well.

The resignation letter will be your go-to document when you are involved with an unemployment or wrongful termination claim. Without this letter, it becomes more difficult to appeal a claim…resulting in increased costs and headaches for you!


photo credit Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net