05/24/14 By Jennifer Brown

Employee-DocumentsYou probably know that you need to have a personnel file for each of your employees, but did you know that there are other records you should keep as well? In fact, some of these are mandated by the Federal Government and State laws.

Other employment records to keep include:

• U.S. employment eligibility form (I-9) and supporting documentation
• Medical and insurance information
• Child support and wage garnishment orders
• Workers compensation information and claims
• Background investigation, drug testing results, and reference check findings
• Requests for verification of

• Payroll information
• EEO records such as self-identification forms and government reports
• Documentation created in anticipation of or response to litigation and confidential, attorney-client privileged information
• Investigation information such as the employee complaint, witness and employee interviews, findings, attorney recommendations, and resolution

Given the sensitive and confidential nature of the above records (e.g., social security numbers, medical information, personal employee situations), they need to be maintained separate from the personnel files. This will help limit who has access to these records. For example, the main

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reason to create a payroll file is to enable your accounting personnel to have access to the information they need; while limiting their access to other confidential employee information that is not applicable. Be sure to identify who has access to the various categories of employee information and keep these records secure.

A well-thought out and organized employee records process will give you access to the information that you need when you need it, while maintaining the confidentiality of and limiting the access to the information.

YOUR TURN: Have you found there to be other information that you always keep in your employees file?


photo credit Naypong via FreeDigitalPhotos.net