01/10/15 By Jennifer Brown

keyboard-453795_640Applicant tracking, performance management, and compensation and benefits tracking systems are all fantastic software solutions that HR can use for daily information warehousing as well as long-term strategic initiatives. Having the right HR software solution for your company makes all the difference. However, implementation can be a time consuming and daunting task. Make sure you have adequate resources and realistic expectations from day one. Once you have chosen your software solution, here are a few factors to consider during the implementation phase:

Executive Buy-In (Cheerleader!)
Identify a top-level executive that believes in the software and the benefits it can provide to the organization. This person will be your “cheerleader” with the company’s other leaders and employees throughout the implementation phase and beyond.

Dedicated point person
Choose a dedicated point person to oversee the implementation from start to finish. This person should be seen as the resident expert on the vendor, the software, and the benefits/costs to the organization. The point person should also be responsible for documenting and maintaining records on the system for training purposes.

Don’t implement in a bubble
Form a committee comprised of varying departments or people that have a stake in the success of the software (HR, payroll, technology, marketing, etc.). These different perspectives will provide invaluable insight and help you avoid mistakes that you might otherwise not anticipate.

Develop a roll out plan (phased or all at once) and ensure software training is both user-friendly and accessible. Nothing kills your plan faster than a group of unwilling participants. Anticipate challenges employees might raise. Show them how the new system will save them time and frustration – making their world easier.

Honeymoon phase
During the sales and implementation phase, your HR software vendor will be attentive. However, once you are up and running, the honeymoon is over. Be sure that your point person maintains regular contact with the vendor to ensure your company’s needs are met in a timely manner.

These are just few ideas to consider on your next software implementation. The right HR software solution can save your company time, money, and frustration. Choosing the right system is challenging enough. Make sure once you have your chosen software that you implement for success.