05/30/15 By Jennifer Brown

ID-100294185(1)Gone are the days of simply posting the job description to attract talent. Today, employers need to be creative and focused on the specific candidate pool they wish to attract – especially when it comes to millennials. Here are a few strategies to use when crafting your next posting:

Grab their attention
Start the posting off with a question or something unique about your company. “Would you like to be a part of the fastest growing digital advertising company on the west coast?”, “Would you like to partner with some of the best minds in the industry?”, or “Do you like free lunch on Fridays?” are just a few examples of how you can grab a candidate’s attention and keep them reading. Provide a glimpse into your company’s character.

Think outside traditional
As with a traditional job posting, you will need to list what the candidate will do (responsibilities) and what they need to bring to the table (requirements); however, to appeal to today’s millennial generation, you will also want to mention why it’s great to work there, how the opportunity will benefit their career, and the impact they can make (personal, industry, community). Mention any training and development opportunities they will have the chance to participate in (a factor important to millennials). Write the posting from the candidate’s perspective – what’s in it for me?

Don’t oversell
An easy mistake to make when implementing these recommendations is to oversell the opportunity. Don’t say your environment is “fun” if it is not. Be transparent about the culture, the position, and the company. The last thing you want to do is have a candidate accept the position under an assumption that turns out not to be true. Be honest and focus on promoting what is unique about your organization.

Write your posting with your target audience in mind. Showcase why your company and the position are unique to other similar opportunities. The recruitment landscape is competitive and the job posting is your first touch point with potential candidates. Make it count.