03/28/15 By Jennifer Brown

Welcome-EmployeesIf you do your best to woo a candidate to join your team only to throw him to the wolves on his first day, you are potentially setting the relationship up to fail. The last thing you want is for your new hire to leave work on day 1 thinking ‘What have I done?’. No matter his seniority, being the ‘new kid on the block’ can be intimidating. When the employer does not plan accordingly, the new hire could be left feeling unappreciated and begin to question the organization. To make a great impression, here are a few ideas to help boost that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling on day 1:

Keep in contact
Prior to his start date, send the new hire a welcome email outlining any specifics he will need to bring or be prepared for on his first day/week. Follow up with a phone call the day before he starts to answer any questions.

Getting to know you
Prior to his start date, ask your new hire for a short professional bio, which will be used in a company-wide welcome email on his first day. The bio should cover his professional background as well as personal interests, hobbies, or fun facts about him. A great way for your existing staff to find some commonalities with your new hire!

The gift that keeps on giving
Everyone likes receiving a gift. Remember to put together a new hire welcome kit including a spiffy company logoed coffee mug, water bottle, or something else that speaks to your organization’s culture.

Schedule meet-n-greets during his first week with his manager, his manager’s manager, peers, and anyone who he will be working with closely.

Assign a buddy to serve as your new hire’s ‘go-to person’. Ideally, the Buddy should be at peer level and on the same team.

During recruitment, you went out of your way to make a great impression. The new hire orientation process requires the same effort. Preparing for both the logistical details as well as creating a warm and welcoming environment will leave your new hire feeling appreciated and will help build a successful partnership on day 1 and beyond.


photo credit Chaiwat via Free Digital Photos