11/22/14 By Jennifer Brown

social-mediaWhen social media is utilized appropriately, a company can effectively market their brand – attracting clientele and future talent. Recruitment is one area within HR that social media can be very powerful. Below are a few strategies you can use to start building your recruitment brand and attracting the right candidates for your current and future positions.

Promote your company

Often times, we make the mistake of using social media to only broadcast open positions. While this forum is a great place to announce career opportunities; if all you do is continuously post open positions, your followers will start tuning you out. They are not looking for a job board, but instead a place where they can learn about the brand, culture, product, and what it is like to work for a company.

Build long-term relationships

When using social media for recruitment, your focus should be on building long-term relationships versus a source-to-hire strategy. Your ultimate goal is to build a “bench” of candidates, so that when an open position arises you have a network you can call upon. When talking about your company, learn to “sell the sizzle”. You need to showcase what makes your organization/team/project so special. Don’t just shoot in the dark – find out where your target audience is and direct your messages toward them.

Use social media sites that support your culture and talent needs

Here is brief listing of the top social media outlets used for engaging talent:

• LinkedIn – Build a professional network, start conversations and engage people.
• Facebook – Develop a community.
• Twitter – Engage followers on your business and industry.
• Instagram – Target millennials by sharing pictures to help build your company’s brand.

Kick your recruitment strategy up a notch. Use social media to engage with people on a personal level. Get them interested in you, your company and your culture. The networks you build will be a great recruitment resource when the time comes.