12/06/14 By Jennifer Brown

happy-employeesThe conversation every manager dreads – your top performer just tendered his resignation and has accepted another position. Why did he decide to leave? What could have been done to keep him?

There are several reasons an employee may start to look outside of their organization for new opportunities. He may not feel challenged, appreciated or is unsure of his future with the company. These feelings can prompt a person to start looking for new opportunities proactively or finally return that call from the recruiter who has been after him for months. Before that “Dear John” letter comes across your desk, here are a few easy ways to keep your top talent from jumping ship.

Most of us seek challenging work as well as the opportunity to learn new things each day in order to grow professionally as well as personally. If work becomes monotonous and lacks a certain level of challenge, we may start to look elsewhere for that growth opportunity. As a manager, try using the following methods to spice up your employee’s work:

• Determine your employee’s strengths and utilize them to the fullest.
• Discover your employee’s untapped skills and find a way to showcase his hidden talent.
• Ask your employee what new skills or opportunities he is seeking and help him find appropriate training.
• Identify internal growth opportunities for him.
• Offer him the chance to work on special projects that differ from his day-to-day responsibilities.

The nature of someone’s work is not always the reason they exit an organization. However, most employees who feel happy and challenged in the work they do are less likely to look for new opportunities proactively. As their manager, you play an important role in creating an exciting work environment filled with challenges and opportunities to showcase individual talents, which will keep productivity and morale high and most certainly impact your company’s bottom line in a positive manner.


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