02/28/15 By Jennifer Brown

happy-employeeDefining, communicating, and living your corporate culture is a key element in the ‘war for talent’ these days. Organizational culture can be a significant factor when a candidate is deciding between job offers as well as when an internal employee is contemplating whether to stay or leave. Employees want to work for a company that they believe in, can relate to, and compliments their own personal beliefs and values. You want your business to be seen as a great place to work. Here are a few simple strategies to make sure you are truly providing a corporate culture that speaks to your business and helps attract the right people for organizational success.

Know your values
Identify the core values of your organization and make sure your culture speaks to these values. When you’re in doubt, you should always come back to these core values for clarity and direction. They are your foundation.

Management buy-in
Ensure your managers embrace the corporate culture and can articulate it both through big picture, strategic ideas as well as practical, everyday examples. This management endorsement is critical for company-wide acceptance.

Hire for cultural fit
Recruit and retain people who match your corporate culture (and are qualified for the job, of course!). Incorporate questions into your interview process that relate directly back to your core values and culture.

Champion the culture
Communicate (better yet, demonstrate) how employees can live the corporate culture in their everyday work. Your culture should elicit the right emotions to connect your employees to your mission – ultimately, motivating them into action. Culture should not be something that only comes up during annual company meetings or at corporate gatherings, but instead should always be present. Live it each and every day.

Drive results
When integrated effectively, culture can be the driving force behind your business. Your corporate culture should be linked directly to your overall business strategy and goals. When employees genuinely connect to your culture, they will be motivated to succeed.

Be genuine
Culture should be natural, not forced. View your culture as an opportunity to embrace who you are as an organization and allow it to serve as a platform to accomplish amazing things. Be genuine and remember to have fun.

Your culture (or lack thereof) can impact your ability to hire and retain great people, win new clients, and shape your identity in the marketplace. It should not be an afterthought. Follow the simple strategies outlined here and you will be well on your way to living and breathing your corporate culture.


photo credit stockimages via Free Digital Photos