03/21/15 By Jennifer Brown

physiotherapy-595529_1280A challenge for any wellness program is keeping the excitement and energy around the program alive and well. The beginning of the New Year is always a great time to kick off a wellness initiative since many of us tend to set personal health goals at that time of year. However, as the year goes on and we get into other projects and responsibilities, it is easy to lose focus on these goals. Here are a few great ideas to keep the spark alive with your wellness program and keep your employees on the track to a healthier life in and out of the workplace.

Make It Social
We are more likely to continue toward our health and wellness goals if we have a buddy or support system behind us. You can provide this type of support at work through setting employees up in teams, which will foster accountability and friendly competition. Challenge different departments or office locations with goals pertaining to your wellness program to ramp up the friendly competition a bit.

Track It and Share It
Share results with your employees. For example, if you have implemented a walking program, report back to employees on how many steps the average employee is walking per day (assuming you gave pedometers to your employees to track!). Regular updates on what’s going on, who is doing well, and how to keep improving will keep your employees engaged.

Keep It Fresh
Don’t let your program become stagnant. Change up the activities and challenges as the year progresses. Add in incentives. Keep it interesting and fresh.

Keeping employees engaged and interested all year long may be one of the most challenging aspects of any wellness program. However, when you create a culture of health where employees support one another and wellness activities are exciting and fun, you will find keeping employees on track for your program goals is a piece of cake (or maybe something a bit healthier). Keep up the great work!