09/05/15 By Jennifer Brown

How to Do Employee Training on a BudgetTraining can be a costly expense for any organization. Blindly approving employee requests for training can quickly get out of hand. Fortunately, a little planning can go a long way. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind:

Set your budget
Before you start approving employee training requests, you must know your training budget for the year. Be realistic on what you can afford, yet know that these will be dollars well spent.

Understand employee training needs
What training should you consider? A great place to look is your employees’ performance reviews. When performance reviews and goal setting sessions are done right, they reveal individual strengths and areas for improvement. Don’t just guess what employees need. Ensure your training dollars are where they need to be.

Bring training in-house
Do your employees have a common development need? If so, bring the training onsite (usually less expensive!). Do you have an employee who is considered a subject matter expert (SME) in a particular area? If so, have the employee lead a presentation on his area of expertise. This builds presentation skills while creating an interactive learning experience at the same time.

Knowledge share
Require employees who attend outside training sessions to present the material to the rest of the staff. This is a great, free way of educating the entire team without having to send each person offsite.

Search the free stuff first!
Research free (or inexpensive) webinars on your topic at hand. Webinars are not as energetic as a live, interactive session; however, they are a great way to acquire information quickly and at the convenience of the employee.

We all enjoy learning new skills and sharpening our strengths. Promoting a culture of learning is a great way to keep employees engaged, happy, and constantly improving in their work. If you need guidance on your employee training needs, give me a call…we work with businesses like yours to help design training programs tailored to your specific needs.