01/03/15 By Jennifer Brown

tape-403593_640Wellness programs can be robust or simple depending on the organization’s resources to support the program. Either way, providing some level of support helps build a culture of health and increased productivity while showing your employees that you care about them on a personal level. When building a wellness program, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Annual physicals
Most employer health plans cover annual physicals. Encourage your employees to complete their physicals with their doctor to set a health baseline.

Healthy food at the workplace
Make it easy for your employees to stay on track by providing healthy meal and snack options at work. Nothing is more tempting than a vending machine full of chocolate and soda! Try granola bars, trail mix, juices and water instead.

Gym memberships
Shop around for corporate discounts at local health clubs to find the best option for your company. This is also a nice selling point when recruiting new talent!

Walking Club
Walking clubs are a great way for your employees to get some exercise, relieve stress, and build a community of employees who are motivated toward better health. Offer pedometers and create a workplace step challenge!

Corporate Team 5K
Research local 5K walk/runs in your area and put together a corporate team. Photos from these types of events are great to share on your company’s website and social media pages to help promote your focus on health.

Onsite wellness fairs
This is a great idea to kick off your wellness program. Invite representatives from local hospitals, health clubs, dieticians, mental health professionals, and more to provide information to your employees.

Wellness programs are a win-win all around. Your employees gain a healthier lifestyle and feel more appreciated and your company’s productivity will increase!