02/14/15 By Jennifer Brown

team-meetingLack of communication with your team on relevant business matters can lead to feelings of uncertainty, gossip, lack of teamwork, and poor performance. As a business leader, you have the ability to create and nurture an environment where employees feel valued, are able to share ideas, and feel ‘in the know’. A few strategies you can use to improve communication include:

Create a culture where employees feel safe and empowered to offer ideas and come to you with concerns on business matters.

Be transparent. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly about an upcoming project or challenge your team or company is about to face. Your team needs to know what they are up against in order to generate the best result.

Bring your team in on the decision making process. This is a great way to take in fresh perspectives, allow for collaboration, and make your team feel valued.

Keep your employees ‘in the know’ on a regular basis on company happenings such as new clients, challenges, successes, and strategic moves. Your employees are a wealth of knowledge, skill, and ability. Keeping them up-to-date on current and upcoming corporate happenings will enable you to tap into their expertise and perspectives when you need it most.

Ensure your employees can accurately tie their specific role to the big picture. When an employee understands how her work impacts the corporate strategy, the more productive and creative she will be.

• When you have bad news, share it. Be honest. Sneaking around (or worse yet, lying) is a quick way to lose respect and trust from your team.

By following these simple strategies to improve communication, you’ll find your employees are more engaged, happier, and more productive.


photo credit Ambro via FreeDigitalPhotos.net