03/19/16 By Jennifer Brown

How Do You Show Employee AppreciationShowing employee appreciation doesn’t always have to come in the form of a big, fat bonus check (although that usually is well-received!). Simple gestures such as saying ‘thank you’, a thoughtful hand-written note, or recognizing someone’s hard work in front of a group can really make someone’s day. Employee appreciation should be a daily event engrained within your corporate culture – a culture of appreciation. Here are a few simple gestures you might want to try:

Email to Manager
When an employee accomplishes a project or helps you in some way, make it a point to send an email of appreciation to the employee’s manager and cc: the employee. This type of recognition can be amazingly effective and alerts the person’s manager to their stellar performance and contribution.

Public Recognition
Consider creating a public forum where employees can share their appreciation for their fellow co-workers. Common nominations can include helping out on a project, recognizing a good manager/team leader, or going the extra mile. This is a great way to build a supportive team spirit.

One-on-One Time
Most employees know that having the opportunity to get some face time with their boss is almost always a good thing. Build your active listening skills and relationship with your employee by meeting with them in an informal manner without any distractions. Use this as a chance to talk with your employee about how things are going, what they like, what recommendations for improvement they may have, etc. Employees will feel valued and appreciated that you took the time to speak with them and ask for their insight.

Thank You to the Family
Employers often forget about an employee’s family and the sacrifices they have to make behind the scenes. Write a personal note to your employee’s family (wife, husband, children, etc.) focusing your appreciation on their support of the worker, which enables that person to succeed. This may be especially effective when your employee has to work longer hours for an important project or deadline – sacrificing his or her time with their family.

Employees who feel appreciated are far more productive, happy, and engaged compared to those who are not. A little gesture on your part can go a long way. I would love to hear about some of the unique ways in which your company shows appreciation for the hard work of your employees!