09/20/14 By Jennifer Brown

business-relationshipWould your employees tell you if they had a potential job offer (even if it was still contingent on a few items and had not been finalized)? It would take an incredibly strong relationship for an employee to feel comfortable doing this…but it can happen!

Recently, one of my clients had an employee come to them to tell them just this…he had a contingent offer. His only motive in telling them…he wanted them to have ample time to find someone else. The client responded by saying they would love to keep him and to let them know if there was anything they could do to on their end AND if he decided to go, they would support his decision and help him any way they could. Now that’s a trusting and supportive relationship!

Are you creating trusting and supportive relationships with your employees? If you are, then it’s likely your employees:

• think about the company’s best interests and often put these interests before their own,
• are willing to go the extra mile to help the company achieve its objectives,
• speak to others positively about the company,
• proactively look for ways to help the company improve, and
• willingly help other team members.

Strong employee relationships are critical to preventing costly and harmful HR problems and growing your company. Be sure you are taking some time to cultivate these relationships…it is key to the success of your business!


photo credit stock images via FreeDigitalPhotos.net