11/29/14 By Jennifer Brown

teamworkOver time, employees may lose their motivation. When this happens, the company suffers – productivity and creativity decline and absenteeism and turnover increase. How can you keep their motivation going? Below are a few strategies you can implement to keep your team moving in the right direction.

1) Create a motivating environment
Reward programs can be effective; however, there must be a solid foundation to build upon. Employees are often seeking exciting work, open communication from management, and a sense that they are appreciated both professionally and personally. As their manager, make sure you address these needs first.

2) Get to know what motivates each team member
Different people are motivated by different things. Therefore, designing a “one size fits all” rewards program is challenging to say the least. Depending on an employee’s personality, she may be extrinsically motivated (i.e., promise of monetary compensation, tangible rewards) or intrinsically motivated (i.e., desire to succeed for its own sake or to be recognized as effective by her peers). Discover how to effectively motivate each person on your team.

3) Develop rewards that work
Once you have a solid foundation, adding in a rewards program can really bolster your team’s motivation. Design a rewards program that:
• has a good mix of both tangible (extrinsic) rewards (i.e., cash, PTO, gifts) and intangible (intrinsic) rewards (i.e., simple ‘thank you’, recognition in a staff meeting, write-up in company newsletter) to reach both extrinsically and intrinsically motivated employees.
• delivers on what is promised to your employees.
• clearly outlines what behaviors are needed to achieve success.
• supports your company’s core values.

Whether it is a cash bonus or a shout out at your next team meeting, be sure to make your employees’ motivation a top priority. When your team is motivated to succeed, everyone wins.


photo credit Stock Images via Free Digital Photos