09/13/14 By Jennifer Brown

assessmentHave you ever thought you had the perfect candidate…but then later after he started working for your company, you found out he didn’t have some the skills required for the job? Ugh!

Assessments can help prevent this. They help to show you whether or not the candidate has the key skills that are required for the job. The “typing test” is a very popular assessment…but there are many others that can be used to assess different skills. Some examples include having the candidate:

• write a paragraph on a particular topic (written communication skills).
• call you to schedule you for an appointment (verbal communication and customer relations skills).
• present an idea or pitch a product to you (presentation and sales skills).
• edit a paragraph that has typos and grammatical errors (editing and attention to detail skills).

There are many different ways to assess whether or not a candidate has the skills required for a job. The key is to:

• FIRST identify the skills that are required for the position AND
• THEN develop an assessment(s) that will demonstrate whether or not the candidate possesses these skills and their level of proficiency.

It’s important to have the candidate complete the assessment early in your candidate selection process – often during the first interview. Also, ensure you administer the assessment consistently to all candidates – in other words, don’t pick and choose who has to take the assessment. If you are having candidates do an assessment during the first interview, then ALL candidates who participate in the first interview need to do the assessment.

Do you need to hire someone? Take a few minutes to think about the skills that are required for the job and develop one or two assessments. You will help prevent the “ugh” from happening!


photo credit arztsamui via FreeDigitalPhotos.net