07/05/14 By Jennifer Brown

winery-trip-with-employeesWhen was the last time you did something fun with your employees? If you can’t remember, then that’s a sure sign it’s been too long!

While it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day work that needs to be done; it’s absolutely critical to spend time with your employees doing “non-work” activities. Doing fun things together strengthens relationships, leads to more collaboration on the job, and brings more enjoyment to work…resulting in a successful business.

There are lots of ways in which to spend some relaxed, fun time with employees…here are a few ideas to get you going:

• Host an afternoon outing outdoors. Go to a neighborhood park and provide employees with activities from which to choose (e.g., bike riding, canoeing, Frisbee toss, relaxing in a hammock) and then have everyone meet up for a picnic.
• Buy tickets and go to a sporting event, concert or play together. If you have the budget, rent a suite to make the outing extra special.
• Invite employees to your home for a cook-out or meal that you prepare (or have prepared).
• Rent a bus and take your employees somewhere – winery and museum tours are always fun!
• Go on a boat for a fishing outing or a lunch/dinner cruise.
• Have a luncheon potluck and provide the drinks and dessert.
• Plan a scavenger hunt with the final clue taking employees to a restaurant to meet-up for dinner…be sure to have some prizes for the scavenger hunt winners!
• Include your employees’ families in some of the outings and events.
• Ask your employees for their ideas on fun ways to spend some time together.

Ensure you host some fun events for your employees at least a few times per year. You will find that your employees will work better together and be happier, more productive on the job, and extra committed to helping create a successful company.

YOUR TURN: What fun things do you do with your employees?