03/05/16 By Jennifer Brown

GamificationGamification is a growing trend among organizations looking to improve engagement, productivity, learning, and recruitment. The companies who use gamification in one area or another often find these virtual games are well received with younger generations who have grown up on gaming consoles such as Xbox or Wii (or even the Candy Crush or Words with Friends app that may be on your phone!) – feeding into the need for social media, online networking, and all things interactive.

When gamification is applied to recruiting, great things can happen! Candidates tend to have a more positive view of the organization (seen as innovative and fun) and want to work for them. Likewise, companies can see an increase in the number of job applicants and overall candidate interest. Here are a few providers in the gamification arena as they relate to recruiting:

•  Games for Business – Online simulation models used to follow work routines, accomplish tasks, and face unexpected decisions
•  HackerRank – Candidates for programming positions compete in challenges and are ranked based on their coding skills
mLevel – Interactive learning missions for candidates that offer work scenarios to uncover what they know about certain topics and requires them to respond in real time
Pymetrics – Allows users to assess over 50 cognitive and personality traits using neuroscience games

Gamification is part of an ongoing trend we will see continue to grow in 2016 toward a more interactive process for all things HR. If you’re looking to implement gamification into your recruitment strategy, ensure the games’ challenges and objectives accurately align with the skills and duties needed for the job. With that said, game on