02/20/16 By Jennifer Brown

Employee Engagement A Hot Topic in 2016In 2016, organizations around the world will be focusing on employee engagement like never before. The reason? The war for talent is more competitive than ever and the level of transparency for most organizations has increased significantly thanks to social media. With the touch of a screen, customers can provide feedback on a company’s product, current and potential employees can comment on employment experiences and even grade CEOs, and in general we expect our voices and opinions to be heard regardless of where we fall on the organizational chart.

When it comes to the work environment, employees now demand transparency and a voice within their organizations. They want to join a company that they believe in and have a true connection (even if they don’t stay as long as they use to). But how do we engage our employees? Simply put – ask questions, listen, and respond. Not just once a year like the traditional annual engagement surveys ask us to, but embrace a continuous, real-time open dialog. A few new survey tools that we will see further emerge and develop in 2016 include:

Pulse Surveys – These are short, to-the-point surveys that deliver real-time feedback on employee’s feelings, emotions, and general feedback. A few new vendors in the space include TinyPulse, CultureAmp, and CultureIQ.

Feedback Apps – Allow employees to rate one another, give feedback about their performance, and suggestions on what they need to do to improve. This type of real-time feedback from peers across organizational levels appeals to the younger workforce that is used to immediate communication such as text and video messaging. Impraise and Workday, among others, are transforming this new form of feedback in the workplace.

Smart Badges – Sociometric badges (wearable sensors), which measure variables such as employee stress, are providing information like never before to employers on how to improve working conditions and increase engagement. Humanyze is a new vendor in this space.

Employee engagement is going to be a hot topic this year. Do you know the pulse of your organization? If not, it may be time to explore a few new approaches. You will see the benefits everywhere you turn.

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