05/10/14 By Jennifer Brown

Employee-AppreciationWhen is the last time your showed your employees you appreciate them? Hopefully, you answered with “today” or “yesterday”. However, the more likely scenario is that you had to think about the last time you showed them some appreciation. Don’t beat yourself up too badly…after all; business owners and managers tend to be focused on always trying to improve things and moving from one accomplishment to another without much thought or celebration. However, we have to acknowledge our team’s contributions to our companies’ success…otherwise; we are going to lose these valued employees to other businesses.

Ask yourself:

• Do you tend to look for what an employee does right versus wrong?
• Do you thank employees for going above and beyond?
• When is the last time you sent an employee an email to let them know you appreciated something they did?
• Do you give your employees more positive feedback than negative feedback?
• When is the last time you let your employee know how happy you are that they are part of your company and how much you value their contributions?
• Do you give your employees small tokens of appreciation (e.g., card, plant, gift card) just to say “thanks”?

It costs at a minimum about 1 ½ times an employee’s salary to replace them…this is made up of lost productivity, recruiting costs, and management time.  Not to mention, an unhappy employee that leaves is bad PR for your company. So be sure you take time each week to thank your employees for their contributions – this will not only payoff in terms of retaining employees, but your employees will want to contribute even more to your company!


YOUR TURN: How do you show your employees you appreciate them? Please reply below.

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