01/11/14 By Jennifer Brown

Business-TeamAs business owners we often spend a lot of time developing our business plans and then move right into action – implementing them! But, it’s critical we stop and share these plans with our teams. Otherwise, they won’t know what they need to focus on or, worse yet, they will be spending their time and energy (as well as your money) working on the wrong things.

Here are some strategies for making sure everyone is rowing in the same direction:

■ Hold a team meeting to share your business plans with your team. Be sure they know what the business priorities are for the coming year and the team’s overall role in achieving the goals. Answer their questions and address any concerns they may have.
■ Incorporate your business goals into your employees’ performance plans. Your employees’ performance goals need to support your company’s overall goals. Otherwise, they will be focusing on the wrong things – things which won’t get your company to where you want it.
■ Ensure you regularly check-in with your employees on their progress against their goals and address any course-corrections that are needed early versus waiting until year-end – when it is too late!
■ Have regular team meetings in which you share your company’s progress against its business plans as well as any updates to the goals and priorities.
Consistent and regular communication to your team about your business plans and their role in helping to achieve them is critical to your business success – so be sure to incorporate these action steps into your plans!

YOUR TURN: How do you ensure your employees support the achievement of your business goals? Please leave your reply below.

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