06/07/14 By Jennifer Brown

Business-TeamHopefully, you know that as a business owner you need to have certain workplace posters displayed in your office to meet specific Federal and State (and in some cases city and county) sanctions and regulations. But do you know why you must have these posters? It’s because you are obligated to share certain information with employees about their employment-related rights. In addition, by posting this information, you will avoid fines and more importantly protect yourself and your business by being able to prove that you notified your employees of their rights through these posters…thus, minimizing employment-related claims.

Many people opt to purchase all-in-one posters via a poster service company. These can be a great resource, BUT you still need to ensure you are getting the right posters for your business. Posting the wrong posters can be risky for your business because you might be missing required posters and/or be on the hook to comply with requirements in a poster that don’t even apply to your business. For example, employers with less than 50 employees do not have to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act; yet most all-in-one posters have this law included. In addition, if you are a Federal Contractor, you have additional posting requirements that aren’t typically included in an all-in-one poster.

So how can you be sure you get the right posters?

1.) Go to the Department of Labor’s Poster Advisor website here. This is an amazing site that will take you through an interactive process to determine the Federal posters you need for your business based on your industry, number of employees, location, and a number of other factors.
2.) Go to your State’s Wage and Hour website. You should be able to find your State required posters on this site.

You can even print the required posters from the above two websites for FREE.

So take a few minutes to make sure you have the right workplace posters displayed in your workplace. You will not only prevent fines, but also prove you communicated the required information to your employees should you ever be faced with an employment-related claim.

YOUR TURN: How do you ensure you have the right posters displayed?


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