08/02/18 By PeopleTactics

When hired, employees bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to your organization; however, often times there are a few gaps here and there – and of course there is always the learning curve of your business. Training an employee on what is needed in his specific role or department goes a long way in setting him up for success both in the short- and long-term. But how do you go about designing a job-specific training program that works for your organization? Here are a few strategies to consider:

Lay of the Land

Your first step is to get a picture of what training opportunities are offered now and what is missing. Questions to ask your department leaders might be ‘What job-specific training do team members receive now?’ ‘What training should they be receiving that they are not?’ ‘What does the ideal training program look like for your department?’ Your department heads will help you draft the blueprint for your training plan.

Ask the Field

Starting with your leaders is your first step. But don’t stop your conversations there. Be sure to ask employees for their insight – ‘What areas would be helpful to receive additional training?’ ‘What skills are needed to do your job more effectively?’ Getting a grass roots view of the skills needed is critical to ensure your training curriculum reflects the true nature of what is needed in any given role.

On-Point Delivery

Once you have an idea of what training your departments need, your next step is to choose how they are going to receive it. Technology has made accessing and delivering training to employees easier than ever. However, traditional instructor-led training still has great value. An ideal program should be a combination of online and instructor-led courses. And don’t forget…some employees make great subject matter experts who can lead a training class!

Whatever your curriculum or delivery approach, be sure that the content and platform is engaging and user-friendly.

Job-specific training should be both a part of new hire onboarding and serve as a continuing education model for your seasoned staff. Always be learning.

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