You have been in business for several years and have a team typically ranging from 10 to 50 employees. You have hired before, but find you have to recreate the wheel every time you want to find, hire, train, reward or transition an employee. This is a drain on your time and prevents you from developing the business.

In addition, you didn’t realize that you had to comply with so many state and federal laws and may have even been fined or faced a lawsuit. You are concerned about what you don’t know. You also find yourself making up polices on the fly, and this is creating additional problems and affecting employee productivity. You have some mediocre or poor performing employees who you don’t know how to handle. They are taking up a lot of your time and energy, resulting in you not being able to focus on moving the business forward.

You need peace of mind – knowing that you are complying with the myriad of legal regulations and that you have the right policies and insurance in place to mitigate issues and liability. And you need HR strategies for recruiting, developing, and retaining A players that will propel your business to success, as well as strategies for dealing with various employee problems that may emerge. Ultimately, you may need a review of your HR 3 Ps (processes, policies and procedures) to ensure you don’t have any land mines and that you have best practices in place. You may also need to provide your office manager with some training and ongoing mentoring.

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