You are a thriving business owner with a large number of employees. Given the ever increasing needs of your business, you need to ensure you have a highly effective HR Department that is not only completing the day-to-day HR needs but is also working with you to continue to implement HR strategies that help your business achieve its objectives.

You HR person is very good at general HR activities – administering the benefits, handling unemployment and workers’ compensation claims, conducting phone screens, ensuring paperwork is filed – but doesn’t know how to develop HR strategies to help the business achieve its objectives. Or maybe you and your HR staff aren’t sure how to handle certain difficult issues, and this has led to some poor decisions, possibly the threat of a potential law suit!

You need a strategy—from recruiting to developing best practices to a full audit of your HR processes and procedures—and an outsourced HR partner is key.

Learn how PeopleTactics can help you tackle your toughest HR strategy issues.