02/17/18 By PeopleTactics

The topic of employee well-being – the state of being comfortable, happy, and healthy – is a hot topic in the workplace today. Why? If a person is unhappy or uncomfortable in her work, she is far less likely to invest her full energy and effort into her position. Companies should strive to create a workplace where employees do not merely survive, but actually thrive. And because we spend so much of our waking hours working, employers have a unique opportunity to positively impact well-being. How? The answers are not as complicated as you might think. Here are just a few ideas to help boost the well-being of your employees:


A Sense of Community

By nature, we are social creatures. We all want to belong and be accepted. The workplace offers its own unique set of relational dynamics and opportunities to belong. As a manager, ensure your team members get equal playing time – make sure everyone’s voice is heard, ideas are considered, and uniqueness is accepted. When people feel they are a valued part of the group, they are far more likely to contribute. Want to take it a step further? Get outside the work setting and volunteer as a team for a cause that means something important to all of you.


Policy That Support Wellness

Show your employees you mean business when it comes to supporting wellness. How? Make it company policy. Overhauling your internal policies to include flexible work hours, continuing education support, and competitive paid time off are great places to start. Your stance on these policies reflects the value you place on work/life balance – a big factor in personal wellness.


Wellness Perks

The list of perks a company can offer employees focused on supporting mental, physical, and emotional health is practically endless. Offering employees gym memberships, fitness classes, mid-day yoga or meditation gatherings, and healthy snack options or hosting onsite wellness events are all great ways to promote wellness and shows you care about their health.


Employers have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact employee wellness. When we are happy, healthy, and appreciated at work, this energy translates into other parts of our lives. For the organization, not only will your workforce enjoy coming to work every day, but you’ll see improved performance, creativity, and collaboration –a true win all around.


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