Designing a Job-Specific Training Program

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When hired, employees bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to your organization; however, often times there are a few gaps here and there – and of course there is always the learning curve of your business. Training an employee on what is needed in his specific role or department goes a long way… Read more »

Recruitment Benchmarking: Metrics to Consider

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In today’s world, tracking business metrics is essential for leaders to understand where their organizations shine and where they need to improve. Monitoring these metrics on a consistent basis – and turning the results into real-life change – is what separates the good from the great. After all, metrics are of little value if you… Read more »

HR & Business Metrics: What Are You Tracking?

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As the value of having real-time data at your fingertips becomes increasingly important, the use of people analytics has evolved from mere project-based initiatives to a more proactive integrated strategy that drives work forward. Instead of operating in data silos, departments across an organization should focus on collaboration – pulling data sources together to create… Read more »

How Up-To-Date is Your Employment Application?

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The employment application is a standard document for any recruiting process. Having applicants complete the employment application at the onset of the recruitment phase is important. Equally important is making sure it is up-to-date on the ever-changing employment laws. Here are a few “must haves” for employment applications today: Remove Salary History Questions Although legislation… Read more »

Promoting a Respectful Workplace

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Plain and simple – there is no room for harassment in the workplace. Behaviors that constitute harassment can impede the victim’s ability to function at their best and inadvertently affect those around them. When an employee is harassed by a co-worker or supervisor, he or she can experience negative changes in emotional, physical and mental… Read more »

Real-Time Feedback: Why You Need It and What to Do With It

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Chances are, somewhere in your organization you are collecting real-time feedback. Real-time feedback provides us with a glimpse into a segment’s current feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that can have an impact on our business. However, just gathering data is not enough. What do you do with it? First, let’s refresh WHY real-time feedback is so… Read more »

The Role of AI at Work

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just something in movies anymore – it is becoming more and more mainstream every day. Recently, we discussed the role of AI in eLearning. But what about other facets of the workplace? How can we leverage the benefits of AI to advance our recruiting efforts, elevate the employee experience, and… Read more »

Flexible Work Arrangements That Work for Your Business

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Flexible work arrangements are well-received by employees, but often business leaders shy away. Why? Misconceptions on flexible work arrangements, which are often based on a fear of change or lack of control, can hinder an organization’s ability to move forward with implementing one. However, when designed right, offering flexibility in the way work gets done… Read more »

Learning in 2018: New Methods to Maximize the Learning Experience

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There are many benefits to learning. Learning keeps us youthful and healthy, makes us more interesting, gives depth to our skillset, and can be fun. In an organization, an educated workforce is critical to keeping your company growing, fostering innovation, and remaining competitive. On the flip side, a stagnant workforce is vulnerable to competitors and… Read more »