Avoiding Termination: How to Get a Struggling Employee Back on Track

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No one likes to watch someone struggle – especially in their work, which affects their livelihood and self-confidence. So why do we often see managers doing little to help their struggling employees – waiting until it is too late to act and then feel termination is the only option. Termination is not always the answer…. Read more »

Pay Transparency: A New Shift in Today’s Workplace

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Pay transparency is the concept of allowing employees to discuss their pay and benefits without fear of reprisal. In the past, many organizations prohibited employees from discussing their compensation – even to the point of threatening termination if such conversations took place. Lack of pay transparency can lead to inequities in pay and discrimination in… Read more »

Equal Pay: Getting It Right

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Recently, several states around the country have amended their equal pay and pay transparency laws in an effort to ensure employees are being compensated fairly for the work they do. Most recently, Massachusetts has become the first state to prohibit employers from asking about applicant’s salaries before offering them a job. Instead, hiring managers must… Read more »

The Benefits of Paid Parental Leave

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Organizations that support time-off for employees tend to see higher productivity, satisfaction, and retention. However, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) only about 12% of private sector employers offer some form of paid parental leave. Why is something that can impact a company so positively not more widespread around the country? Fortunately,… Read more »

Identifying Leadership Potential through Technology

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With the impending leadership gap, more and more companies are focusing their resources on grooming the next generation of leaders. The goal of any succession plan is to find the most qualified people and get them on track to that next position. However, it’s not that easy to identify intangible qualities such as “leadership potential”. Without… Read more »

Summer Fun! Showing Employee Appreciation During the Summer

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Employees who feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication tend to show higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale – all of which impact your company’s bottom line. There are a million ways to show your employees you appreciate them. The summer months provide a unique opportunity to get outside and share… Read more »

Electronic HR Files: Are They Right For Your Company?

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Moving HR files from traditional paper filing systems to online cloud-based providers can be a great way to enhance the efficiency of your HR function. Not to mention, it makes accessing and updating employee information really convenient! If you are considering transitioning to an electronic filing system for your HR files, here are a few… Read more »