06/28/14 By Jennifer Brown

employee-lifeWhat type of boss are you? When times get tough for your employees, do you provide them with support? Or, are you more concerned with when they are going to return to work and if they have the leave who will cover their absence? Life storms (e.g., severe sickness, death, family struggles) are inevitable and the support you give your employees during them can strengthen or destroy your employee relationships.

Throughout the years, I have been fortunate to work with business owners and managers who are there for their employees when they face difficulties in their life. I have been struck by their compassion, empathy, and support. Here are some ways in which they have shown their employees they care:

• Had prepared meals and or groceries delivered for a period of time.
• Bought a dress and suit for the children to wear to their father’s funeral.
• Set-up scholarship funds for children.
• Gave employees extra time off.
• Attended the funeral.
• Visited the employee or their family member in the hospital.
• Gave the family a night out – consisting of meal and event gift certificates.
• Asked the employee “how can I help you”, “what do you and your family need”?

During your employees’ life storms, let genuine kindness be your compass…with your only goal being to truly help your employee through a very difficult time.

YOUR TURN: How do show your support to an employee who is going through a life storm?