New Hire Onboarding: Is Automation Right for Your Company?

01/23/16 By Jennifer Brown

Making a great first impression with your new hire on her first day of work goes a long way. It instills a feeling that she made the right decision to join your organization and that you “have it all together”. So, you can imagine what type of impression a disorganized, cumbersome process leaves with the… Read more »

Positive Energy: The Secret to Successful Leadership

01/09/16 By Jennifer Brown

When something goes wrong at work – a client complaint, an employee relations issue, a new business deal falls through – how do you react? Similarly, how do you react when something goes well – do you celebrate or simply move on to the next task at hand without acknowledging the success? Have you ever… Read more »

Planning a Safe (and Fun!) Company Holiday Party

12/11/15 By Jennifer Brown

We’ve all heard the horror story – The employee who had a little too much to drink at the company holiday party and (fill in the blank). How can a company provide a festive gathering, yet protect the organization from social media embarrassment or worse yet, a lawsuit? Here are a few recommendations to employ… Read more »

How to Engage Employees

11/14/15 By Jennifer Brown

Employee engagement involves employees making collective and individual efforts toward attaining organizational goals. Employees are not just focused on their own needs, but those of the organization as a whole. Sounds like an employer’s dream, right?  So how do you create a culture where employee engagement is automatic? Here are a few suggestions to consider:… Read more »

How to Find the Candidates You Want With LinkedIn

10/31/15 By Jennifer Brown

Although numerous online job boards and recruiting resources exist today, LinkedIn still dominates the recruiting world in terms of networking and identifying new opportunities. However, any system as robust as LinkedIn with millions of users can be a bit overwhelming – giving you that “trying to find a needle in a haystack” feeling. Understanding how… Read more »

Is a PTO Bank Right for You?

10/17/15 By Jennifer Brown

In a recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 42% of employers offered a Paid Time Off (PTO) plan versus separate vacation and sick policies. Before jumping on the PTO bandwagon, make sure to consider the following pros and cons of PTO banks to ensure this system is right for your… Read more »

Workforce Planning for the Year Ahead

10/03/15 By Jennifer Brown

Workforce planning can help your company stay on track to achieving your business goals. Having the right people in place at the right time can make all the difference. When it comes to your business goals and objectives for the upcoming year, much of the success (or lack thereof) in reaching those goals and objectives… Read more »

How to Implement Telecommuting

09/19/15 By Jennifer Brown

Today’s employment landscape differs greatly than that of past generations. Years ago, the idea of working from home for many was hard to conceive – impossible even! Yet now (powered with all of our technology!), we have the ability to conduct business just about anywhere. However, work-from-home policies are not for every organization, every job,… Read more »

How to Do Employee Training on a Budget

09/05/15 By Jennifer Brown

Training can be a costly expense for any organization. Blindly approving employee requests for training can quickly get out of hand. Fortunately, a little planning can go a long way. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind: When it comes to employee training on a budget – a little planning can go a… Read more »

Preparing for Open Enrollment

08/22/15 By Jennifer Brown

When open enrollment season rolls around for an organization, the process itself can seem overwhelming for those responsible for choosing the benefits options, administering the plans, and communicating the details to employees. However, when planned and executed accordingly, open enrollment can be a rewarding experience for all involved. Open enrollment can be a rewarding experience… Read more »

How to Measure Recruitment Effectiveness

08/08/15 By Jennifer Brown

Just like any other facet of your business, your recruitment process should be analyzed to ensure the strategies and processes in place are effective. There are many different metrics to consider when assessing recruitment. How do you know what metrics are best for your specific process and organization? To get started, here are few of… Read more »

How to Create a Financial Benefit Program

07/25/15 By Jennifer Brown

A person’s financial well-being – how effectively one manages his economic life – is as important as his physical well-being. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to provide financial education and support to your employees. In fact, this is a benefit that could easily differentiate you from other employers. There are numerous programs… Read more »

Proposed Changes to FLSA Regulations…What You Need to Know

07/11/15 By Jennifer Brown

The misclassification of employees (exempt versus non-exempt) per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is one of the most common (and costly) errors employers make when it comes to federal and state employment laws. The financial consequences of FLSA violations can be steep and include fines, interest, attorney fees, and possible criminal sanctions. In recent… Read more »