Identifying Leadership Potential through Technology

07/23/16 By Jennifer Brown

With the impending leadership gap, more and more companies are focusing their resources on grooming the next generation of leaders. The goal of any succession plan is to find the most qualified people and get them on track to that next position. However, it’s not that easy to identify intangible qualities such as “leadership potential”. Without… Read more »

How to Build and Keep a Rock Star Team

07/09/16 By Jennifer Brown

The well-known saying “a team is only as strong as its weakest link” is so true. Whether you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom, having a talented, synergistic team can be the key to winning the championship game or landing that high revenue client. However, building and maintaining a rock star team is… Read more »

Summer Fun! Showing Employee Appreciation During the Summer

06/25/16 By Jennifer Brown

Employees who feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication tend to show higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall morale – all of which impact your company’s bottom line. There are a million ways to show your employees you appreciate them. The summer months provide a unique opportunity to get outside and share… Read more »

Electronic HR Files: Are They Right For Your Company?

06/11/16 By Jennifer Brown

Moving HR files from traditional paper filing systems to online cloud-based providers can be a great way to enhance the efficiency of your HR function. Not to mention, it makes accessing and updating employee information really convenient! If you are considering transitioning to an electronic filing system for your HR files, here are a few… Read more »

Prepare for an HR Audit with These 3 Easy Steps

05/28/16 By Jennifer Brown

Conducting a proactive internal HR audit of your HR files, documents, and processes is a smart idea to help button up your HR function. But where do you start? The word “audit” strikes fear into some; however, a proactive audit is the best way to be prepared for a formal one down the road. Below… Read more »

Building a Bridge over the Leadership Gap

05/14/16 By Jennifer Brown

With the upcoming exit of millions of Baby Boomers from the workforce, there is a looming deficit of leadership talent ready and willing to take those jobs. First, from a sheer numbers perspective, there are not enough qualified workers for the number of upcoming openings.  Second, is the new trend where younger workers are avoiding… Read more »

Employee Performance Issues: Strategies for this Difficult Discussion

04/30/16 By Jennifer Brown

Employee performance issues. We all dread them and may try to avoid them. The issue becomes the elephant in the room. When you are faced with performance issues with a team member, do you approach it head on or do you avoid having ‘the talk’? Unfortunately, when we avoid or delay these types of conversations,… Read more »

The Downsizing Meeting: Compassion and Respect is Key

04/16/16 By Jennifer Brown

Terminating an employee can be one of the most stressful parts of a manager’s job – especially, when the termination is related to a reduction in force (RIF). This news can sometimes come as a shock to the affected employee, making delivering the news all the more challenging. Although from a legal perspective you want… Read more »

6 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Reduction in Force (RIF)

04/02/16 By Jennifer Brown

Terminations can occur for a variety of reasons including Reductions in Force. Letting employees go due to declining business performance or changing business priorities is tough and can often feel like it came out of left field for the employee. This can be an emotional time for both parties, yet as the employer it is… Read more »

How Do You Show Employee Appreciation?

03/19/16 By Jennifer Brown

Showing employee appreciation doesn’t always have to come in the form of a big, fat bonus check (although that usually is well-received!). Simple gestures such as saying ‘thank you’, a thoughtful hand-written note, or recognizing someone’s hard work in front of a group can really make someone’s day. Employee appreciation should be a daily event… Read more »

Gamification: Is Your Company up for the Challenge?

03/05/16 By Jennifer Brown

Gamification is a growing trend among organizations looking to improve engagement, productivity, learning, and recruitment. The companies who use gamification in one area or another often find these virtual games are well received with younger generations who have grown up on gaming consoles such as Xbox or Wii (or even the Candy Crush or Words… Read more »

Employee Engagement: A Hot Topic in 2016

02/20/16 By Jennifer Brown

In 2016, organizations around the world will be focusing on employee engagement like never before. The reason? The war for talent is more competitive than ever and the level of transparency for most organizations has increased significantly thanks to social media. With the touch of a screen, customers can provide feedback on a company’s product,… Read more »

The Next Generation of Performance Management is Coming!

02/06/16 By Jennifer Brown

Does the phrase “It’s time for the annual review” elicit feelings of excitement for you? If you answered “no”, you’re not alone. Managers and employees alike often find the process time-consuming, ineffective, and complex. Today’s workforce is focused on building skills for their career (not just their current job), frequent communication and feedback (thanks to… Read more »