Development Strategies for Busy Leaders

08/16/14 By Jennifer Brown

When was the last time you focused on your professional development? If you can’t remember or it’s been a year or two, you many want to make some time. Often we get so caught up in running and managing our companies, fulfilling our day-to-day responsibilities, or helping our employees with their development; that we forget… Read more »

Preventing HR Problems: The Importance of Business Insurance

08/09/14 By Jennifer Brown

When you own a business, there are many liability issues that can arise. Mistakes happen; on-the-job injuries occur; employees, clients, and vendors may become dissatisfied; and poor decisions are made. Sometimes, you can do everything right and still be hit with a lawsuit, penalty, or claim! Consequently, it is critical that you have adequate insurance… Read more »

Protect Your Business With an Employee Resignation Letter

08/02/14 By Jennifer Brown

Are you getting a resignation letter from your employees when they resign? If not, you should start immediately! These letters can prove very helpful appealing unemployment and wrongful termination claims. Therefore, be sure “getting the resignation letter” is a step on your employee exit checklist. When you get the letter, put it in the employee’s… Read more »

Ensure that Your Form I-9 Process is in Compliance As Required by Law

07/26/14 By Jennifer Brown

Are you completing the Form I-9 for your employees? And if you are completing it, are you doing it correctly? There are many specific rules associated with this form and process — and these rules can cause significant problems for employers if they aren’t followed. For example, if you fail to properly complete, retain, and/or… Read more »

Do You Know How to Write a Job Posting that Will Attract the Right Candidates?

07/19/14 By Jennifer Brown

Job postings are an advertisement and like any other advertisement their purpose is to get someone interested and to take action. Job postings should 1.) spur a candidate’s interest, 2.) help the candidate determine if they are a good fit in terms of the position’s responsibilities and qualifications as well as your company’s culture and… Read more »

What Does Human Resources Support Cost?

07/12/14 By Jennifer Brown

One of the first questions I often get from potential clients is how much does Human Resources (HR) support cost? This is a tough question because HR support can take many forms. For example, you could hire an employee, consultant, or administrative services outsourcing (ASO)/ professional employer organization (PEO). Therefore, it’s important to first start… Read more »

Having Fun with Your Employees Results in a Successful Business

07/05/14 By Jennifer Brown

When was the last time you did something fun with your employees? If you can’t remember, then that’s a sure sign it’s been too long! While it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day work that needs to be done; it’s absolutely critical to spend time with your employees doing “non-work” activities…. Read more »

Are You a Compassionate Boss?

06/28/14 By Jennifer Brown

What type of boss are you? When times get tough for your employees, do you provide them with support? Or, are you more concerned with when they are going to return to work and if they have the leave who will cover their absence? Life storms (e.g., severe sickness, death, family struggles) are inevitable and… Read more »

VIDEO: Making Internships Work for Your Business and Intern

06/21/14 By Jennifer Brown

Last Sunday, Marissa Levin, CEO of Successful Culture and Chairman of Information Experts, and I discussed the value of internships to a business as well as some landmines to avoid during a segment on the Washington Business Report. You can click here for the video. The following is an excerpt from that segment: Making Internships… Read more »

What to Look For When Doing an Audit on Your Workplace Posters

06/14/14 By Jennifer Brown

When was the last time you gave any thought to your workplace posters? If you are like most business owners and managers, you probably answered, “never”. Most of us figure that once we post the posters we are done and can move on to more important things…like growing our company! However, just merely posting the… Read more »

Do You Have the Right Workplace Posters Displayed in Your Business?

06/07/14 By Jennifer Brown

Hopefully, you know that as a business owner you need to have certain workplace posters displayed in your office to meet specific Federal and State (and in some cases city and county) sanctions and regulations. But do you know why you must have these posters? It’s because you are obligated to share certain information with… Read more »

Gaining the Heart of Your Employees

05/31/14 By Jennifer Brown

Do you know the most important way to prevent Human Resources problems? It’s not by having an employee handbook, rigorous interview and hiring process, or paying employees above average salaries (although all of these things do help). It’s by caring about your employees and treating them with fairness, respect, and kindness…no matter the situation. Ultimately,… Read more »

Are You Keeping the Required Employment Records?

05/24/14 By Jennifer Brown

You probably know that you need to have a personnel file for each of your employees, but did you know that there are other records you should keep as well? In fact, some of these are mandated by the Federal Government and State laws. Other employment records to keep include: • U.S. employment eligibility form… Read more »