Recruitment Roundtables: A Great Way to Improve Process & Stakeholder Relationships

08/19/17 By Jennifer Brown

When consulting with clients on improving their recruiting function, I have found poor communication is one of the top reasons there is a breakdown in the process. Strengthening the relationship between key stakeholders (e.g., recruiters and hiring managers) is critical to having a well-oiled recruiting machine. With a strong recruiter/hiring manager relationship, you will find: •… Read more »

How to Write a Job Description

11/08/14 By Jennifer Brown

A job description is a crucial resource. It outlines the knowledge, skills, abilities and other talents needed to succeed. Many view the job description as only a recruitment tool; however, it is truly a valuable management tool used for performance management, succession planning, training, and compensation planning – not to mention an important document should… Read more »

How to Interview with Confidence

11/01/14 By Jennifer Brown

Creating the right mix of interview questions and knowing what to listen for in a candidate’s responses can set you up for a successful interview and hiring decision. To take it a step further, preparing in advance and creating the right atmosphere will strengthen your chances of hiring the best talent even more. Utilize the… Read more »

Smart Hiring: Asking the Right Questions

10/25/14 By Jennifer Brown

Great hires make their manager, team and company look great. Of course on the flip side, not-so-great hires do just the opposite. Getting it right the first time saves money, time and frustration. As a hiring manager, there are a few strategies you can implement before the interview to ensure you are making well-informed hiring… Read more »

How Do I Set Goals for My Team

10/18/14 By Jennifer Brown

Once you have met with your employee to review his performance over this past year, it is important to focus on improvement and continued skill development. Clearly put – it’s time to set some goals. Begin with the end in mind – what are your company’s AND employee’s objectives when it comes to the upcoming… Read more »

How Do I Conduct a Performance Review?

10/11/14 By Jennifer Brown

Providing feedback face-to-face can elicit feelings of anxiety for both the manager and employee – especially if the feedback relates to underperformance. At the end of day, you want the employee to leave the meeting feeling excited and motivated about her abilities and opportunities for growth as well as view you as a trusted resource…. Read more »

How Do You Write Effective Performance Reviews?

10/04/14 By Jennifer Brown

As we head into the end of the year, many companies are in the midst of or gearing up for their annual performance review process. A well-written and thoughtful performance review can do wonders in terms of motivating an employee to succeed within their current role and grow professionally. Ultimately, when your employees are successful,… Read more »

How Do You Resolve Employee Performance Issues?

09/27/14 By Jennifer Brown

If you have employees working with you, it is inevitable that performance issues will occur. The question is “how do you handle the issue”? Time and again, I have seen leaders ignore the problem – but typically it doesn’t go away. Finally, one day the leader gets so frustrated with the employee that he fires… Read more »

How Do You Know if You Have Strong Employee Relationships?

09/20/14 By Jennifer Brown

Would your employees tell you if they had a potential job offer (even if it was still contingent on a few items and had not been finalized)? It would take an incredibly strong relationship for an employee to feel comfortable doing this…but it can happen! Recently, one of my clients had an employee come to… Read more »

How Do I Determine If a Candidate Has the Skills for a Job?

09/13/14 By Jennifer Brown

Have you ever thought you had the perfect candidate…but then later after he started working for your company, you found out he didn’t have some the skills required for the job? Ugh! Assessments can help prevent this. They help to show you whether or not the candidate has the key skills that are required for… Read more »

Are Companies that Value Employees More Successful?

09/06/14 By Jennifer Brown

Are companies that value employees more successful via CBS News.   Did you know: • According to a Gallup study, only 3 out of 10 workers are engaged — meaning committed to or enthusiastic about their work. • Gallup estimates that actively-disengaged employees cost U.S. business up to $550 billion a year in lost productivity…. Read more »

How to Develop a Successful Strategic Planning Session

08/30/14 By Jennifer Brown

When was the last time you invited your employees to participate in a planning session for your company? Your employees will have some of the best ideas about what needs to be done to be successful. In addition, spending a planning day with your employees will help to ensure they buy-in, understand, and focus on… Read more »

How to Develop Benefit Strategies to Attract and Retain Employees

08/23/14 By Jennifer Brown

Are you having trouble attracting and retaining talent? It could be that your benefits package is lacking. To be competitive with other employers, you have to offer some type of benefits. Start by identifying and working with a trusted benefits broker who can share some current research with you on the standard benefits offered by… Read more »